Nature Trail open to visitors


Nature Trail at Kirkdale Sawmill

Common Frog

Kirkdale Burn

Behind the mill building a nature trail runs beside the mill pond. To the right of the sawmill is a young plantation of Sitka Spruce, and across the burn are recently planted native broadleaves ( Ash, Oak, Rowan and Birch) in tubes to prevent damage by Roe Deer and Rabbits. Other trees in the glen are Alder, Hazel, Sycamore and Wych Elm.

The rare Lesser Knotweed grows plentifully along the trail where you can find Golden Saxifrage, Enchanters Nightshade and Wood Sorrel, together with a variety of ferns (Male Fern, Broad Buckler, Lady Fern).

As well as Roe Deer there are Red Squirrels in the Glen and Otters come up the burn where Dippers can be seen. Other birds are Grey Wagtails, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Treecreepers, while overhead Buzzards may circle and Mallards may nest beside the mill pond.